Don’t know what to get the horse lover in your family?  How about a first aid kit for their horse! Give us a call and we can make a kit for them. If they need special items not on the list we can include them as well. By purchasing a kit, you save $50 over buying items individually!!! The kits are $125 and come in a green reusable bag. Give us a call today 863-287-8413.

Things Included:

  1. Digital thermometer
  2. 3 Gauze pads
  3. 1 Brown gauze
  4. 3 Telfa™ nonstick pads
  5. 1 Adhesive wrap (Elastikon)
  6. 1 pair of Latex gloves
  7. 3 Dewormers
  8. 1 tube of Banamine paste
  9. Aluspray (liquid bandage)
  10. Weight Tape
  11. One roll of cotton
  12. Antibiotic Cream (25g SSD)
  13. 16oz Betadine Cleaning Solution
  14. An Emergency Contact magnet

Some other items that you should consider adding to your kit: White tape, Duct tape, Scissors, Small flashlight and spare batteries, epsom salts, Hoof pick and Leg wraps.